Survicate changelog
Survicate changelog

Redesigned and improved web and in-product surveys


New Feature


Redesigned and improved website and in-product surveys Survicate Survicate 1.png

We improved the design and functionality of Survicate's website and in-product surveys. Their new, modern look goes hand-in-hand with easy customization. So that you can create on-brand surveys faster than ever.

What's changed and why it matters

  • New modern look: Better readability, larger elements, and improved contrast make your surveys easier to answer

  • White-label surveys: Add your company logo and customize your design to create surveys that match the look of your brand

  • Flexible survey size: Web surveys now automatically adjust their size to their content, improving the display

  • Improved validation of respondents' answers: We check your respondents' answers and display an error message if they didn't fill in some survey fields correctly. E.g., "Please enter a valid email address."

How it works

All your newly created surveys have the "New light theme" set by default. You can also take advantage of the new Personalization feature. It allows you to add an avatar and write a short greeting message in the widget's header. Enable Personalization while editing your theme in the Design section.

You can change the appearance of your old surveys manually. To do so, choose the "New light theme" in the Design section of the Create tab.

The new design is accessible to all customers on all plans. Get more tips about survey customization in our Help Center.