Survicate changelog
Survicate changelog

Respondent attributes for better targeting and analysis




Respondent attributes for better targeting and analysis.png 20 more user attributes are now available for you to use in Survicate. Attributes like name, industry, or country provide more data about your respondents. Use them as filters to break down survey results or create more precise target audiences.

What's changed

Any respondent attribute passed to Survicate can now be used for various purposes. Do you have an integration with Hubspot or Intercom? Do you collect respondent attributes with a tracking code? Now you can use them all in our tool.

What it means for you:

  • More information about respondents: With more attributes shown in respondents' profiles, you can learn who answered your survey and follow up as needed

  • Better survey results breakdown: Use respondent attributes as filters in the Analyze tab to break down your survey results by job title, industry, etc.

  • More precise custom audiences: Add respondent attributes as filters when creating custom audiences for accurate targeting

  • Better survey personalization: Add a personal touch to your messages by recalling user attributes such as first name

Learn more about the individual responses tab, targeting surveys based on respondent attributes, and recalling respondent information in our Help Center.