Survicate changelog
Survicate changelog

New triggers for email notifications


New Feature


Set custom conditions to receive email notifications with crucial feedback.png You can now set custom criteria that will trigger email notifications. With condition-based alerts, you can keep your finger on the pulse. And respond quickly to feedback that matters to your business.

What’s changed

You can choose additional alert conditions in the settings of your Email Notifications. The new conditions include Question and answer and Custom attributes. So you can fully customize the notifications you receive. Keep your inbox tidy and only get notified about the most critical feedback.

How it works

  1. Open the Connect tab of your survey creator and find Email notifications under My integrations
  2. Go to Settings and navigate to Custom notification
  3. Toggle on the Send a custom notification switch
  4. Choose conditions that will trigger notifications. You can set multiple conditions and connect them with “and” “or”
  5. Receive alerts when a survey response matching your custom conditions comes in. And react to vital feedback promptly

Head to our Help Center to learn more about sending custom email notifications.