Survicate changelog
Survicate changelog

New Question Editor: easily edit questions and recall information





Editing questions in Survicate is now more intuitive and quicker.

What’s changed

  1. Automatically recall information from previous questions to make your surveys more personal

    To get started, type @ in a question box to select a question, answer or user attribute you’d like to refer to. Head to our Help Center for more tips.

  2. You can now copy and paste many answer choices - all at once

    For example, you only need 2 clicks, instead of 588, to create a dropdown question with a list of all countries. ‘Add multiple at once’ is available for dropdown, single selection, multiple selections, matrix, and ranking question types.


  1. Make questions (or part of them) bold, italic, or hyperlinked in the text editor


  1. Easily reorganize questions and answers in Survey Creator

    We've improved how you can create and edit surveys in Survicate. Now you can drag and drop your questions and answer choices to quickly change their order.