Survicate changelog
Survicate changelog

New advanced logic rules for all question types





You can now use advanced survey logic settings for all question types of your email, link, website, or in-product surveys. Design custom question flows that direct your respondents to different follow-up questions to improve the survey experience.

What's new

You may already be familiar with our survey logic settings for single-answer, dropdown, and rating scale/smiley scale/NPS questions. Now, you can also set logic rules for all other question types (excluding welcome messages and thank you screens).

We've made substantial improvements to the survey logic settings and added many new options so you can create advanced and flexible question flows for your audience.

What it means for you

With advanced logic settings your surveys are now much more powerful. When you set up logic rules in your surveys, your respondents only see questions that are relevant to them and skip those that don't apply.

Personalized question flows greatly improve respondents' survey experience and can increase response rates.

How it works

To set logic rules in your email or shareable link surveys or website and in-product surveys, head to the Logic tab of the question and click on +Add new logic. Then, choose the required conditions and decide what question the respondent will see next if the conditions are met (or not).

For detailed instructions on setting up survey logic, visit our Help Center.