Survicate changelog
Survicate changelog

Introducing the new 'Analyze' tab! 🎉

Analysing collected feedback is now easier, much faster ⚡ and convenient! We've released a new 'Analyze' tab that comes with over 30 improvements to help you go through insights you've collected from your customers.

Here are some highlights, you'll find a detailed list of improvements below:

  • You can now edit and analyze a survey within a single place, without the need of jumping back and forth between the survey analysis and the survey editor. 🚀

  • We've reworked and moved the overall analysis, filters, responses tab, and respondent's profile to the left bar of the Analyze tab.

  • It became possible to create filters that are complex and precise thanks to improved support for conditions in survey filtering. It's also possible to combine multiple filters using AND/OR conditions.

  • In the new individual responses tab, you can access all information about individual responses and their authors within a single view,

  • You can delete responses in bulk 🗑️

  • It's possible to share individual responses via a direct link 🔗 or to a Slack channel of your choice.

Here's what we've changed in detail:

Overall results

  • Now, in overall stats, you can see the full history of the survey responses. image.png

  • Vertical bar charts have been replaced with horizontal bar charts to allow answer labels to appear correctly and to be easier to read.


  • You can now filter word cloud using filters. This means, for example, it's now possible to generate a word cloud out of all detractors' text responses.


Survey filters

image.png 1️⃣ Overall stats can be filtered using pre-defined most popular time ranges; weekly, monthly, quarterly.

2️⃣ The flexible filtering module allows you to choose from various conditions: is one of, is none of, has any value, is unknown, contains, doesn't contain, starts with, ends with, is between.

3️⃣ You are now able to combine filters using AND, OR conditions.

4️⃣ All filters use autosuggestions. This means that you don't need to remember all possible value names of respondents' attributes, these values will be available to you in the dropdown.

Individual Responses


1️⃣ The old respondents and respondent's profile tabs have been merged into the new Individual Responses tab. This allows you to access all information about each response and their author within a single view — no need to open new tabs and then jump between them.

2️⃣ Question & answers font and background colours have been adjusted to improve your reading experience. Question types are explained using icons known from the 'Create' tab.

3️⃣ Now it's possible to see the exact timestamp when a response was given.

4️⃣ When viewing responses to web surveys, it's now possible to see the URL where the answer was given.

5️⃣ Respondent attributes and tags are now easily accessible in the always visible bar on the right side of the screen.


  • Responses can now be deleted in bulk. This makes it's much easier to delete irrelevant feedback.


  • The responses tab also allows you to conveniently jump other survey responses given by the respondent.

  • You can now share an individual piece of feedback on Slack or with a direct link.


If you have any questions or feedback, let us know at or start a chat in the app.