Survicate changelog
Survicate changelog

Introducing: Smartlook Integration




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You can now integrate Survicate with Smartlook, an analytics tool that lets you track and analyze user behavior on your website or web app. Go to the Integrations tab to connect with a single click.

What's in it for you

With the Survicate + Smartlook integration, you can link user feedback with user behavior. All to better understand your customers and improve their experience with your brand and product.

Here are some ideas on what you can do:

  • Understand the 'why' behind your users' behavior by asking them for feedback via website or in-product surveys
  • Find out what elements of your website or product need improvement
  • Learn if those who left negative feedback had issues while interacting with your website (and fix them)
  • Improve audience segmentation and targeting based on customer insights

How it works

Before you start, set up web tracking in Smartlook and launch a survey with Survicate. Then:

  1. Go to the Integration tab to connect Survicate with Smartlook
  2. You'll receive survey responses as custom session events in Smartlook
  3. Watch session recordings and link them with survey responses to better understand your users' behavior

Visit our Help Center and learn how to get the most out of the Smartlook integration.