Survicate changelog
Survicate changelog

Introducing: Question Library


New Feature



The new Question Library is here to make creating surveys quicker and more effective. Designed to automate yet another part of the research process, Question Library lets you choose from 800+ tried-and-tested survey questions instead of typing in your own.

What’s new

  • Question Library: Pick from a list of ready-to-use questions instead of coming up with your own questions when creating a survey

  • Over 800 popular questions added and grouped into 19 categories. So you can quickly search for questions most helpful in your research

How it works

You can access the Question Library when creating a new survey or editing an existing one. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Click “Add question from library”
  2. Find questions that work for your survey and click on the sign to select them
  3. Rearrange your questions with drag and drop and click “Add questions” when you’re ready

The selected questions will automatically populate your survey. You can then edit them as you usually do to customize the survey.

Why it's cool

With the new Question Library, you can minimize the time spent on coming up with survey questions and answer choices. Take advantage of the perfectly phrased questions designed by our customer feedback experts and be done in seconds.

  • Create surveys faster with a library of tried-and-tested survey questions

  • Reduce time spent on creating surveys with pre-populated answer choices

  • Quickly find and add questions relevant to your survey by using the search bar

  • Get inspired for your next research by browsing over 800 expert-made questions for all purposes

Learn more about Question Library in our Help Center or start a new survey now!