Survicate changelog
Survicate changelog

Introducing Productboard Integration šŸ”„


New Feature





You can now integrate Survicate with Productboard, a product management platform. Go to the Integration page to connect with a single click.

Whatā€™s there for you?

Here are some ideas of what you can do with Productboard Integration:

  • Streamline contextual customer insights about your product
  • Turn user feedback into actionable product ideas in Productboard
  • Feed your product roadmap and prioritize your features based on real customer data

How it works

See how simple it is to get started:

  1. Launch in-product surveys to collect user feedback in your web and mobile apps
  2. Through one-click integration, send survey responses as notes to Productboard Insights
  3. Organize and analyze your data in Productboard - to make customer-centric product decisions

Follow the guide to learn how to get the most out of the integration with Productboard and with your other product management tools - like Mixpanel or Amplitude.