Survicate changelog
Survicate changelog

Filter survey responses by user data from HubSpot and Intercom






Illustration_ HubSpot Filter (3).png If you use our HubSpot or Intercom integration, you can now filter your survey data with information from these CRM tools to easily analyze cohort-specific feedback.

How to import parameters from HubSpot and Intercom

  1. Open HubSpot or Intercom settings page.
  2. Set the toggle switch to ‘Synchronize contact data from HubSpot/Intercom.’
  3. Then, in the Survey panel, navigate to the Analyze tab and click ‘Filter’ to see your custom attributes.

Why it matters

You already have a lot of information about your customers in your CRM tools. Now you can leverage it to better understand your users in Survicate. Filter respondents by attributes such as membership type to get deeper insights into your audience.

You can learn more about our HubSpot and Intercom integrations in our Help Center.