Survicate changelog
Survicate changelog

Redesigned and improved web and in-product surveys


New Feature


Redesigned and improved website and in-product surveys Survicate Survicate 1.png

We improved the design and functionality of Survicate's website and in-product surveys. Their new, modern look goes hand-in-hand with easy customization. So that you can create on-brand surveys faster than ever.

What's changed and why it matters

  • New modern look: Better readability, larger elements, and improved contrast make your surveys easier to answer

  • White-label surveys: Add your company logo and customize your design to create surveys that match the look of your brand

  • Flexible survey size: Web surveys now automatically adjust their size to their content, improving the display

  • Improved validation of respondents' answers: We check your respondents' answers and display an error message if they didn't fill in some survey fields correctly. E.g., "Please enter a valid email address."

How it works

All your newly created surveys have the "New light theme" set by default. You can also take advantage of the new Personalization feature. It allows you to add an avatar and write a short greeting message in the widget's header. Enable Personalization while editing your theme in the Design section.

You can change the appearance of your old surveys manually. To do so, choose the "New light theme" in the Design section of the Create tab.

The new design is accessible to all customers on all plans. Get more tips about survey customization in our Help Center.

Introducing: Smartlook Integration




smartlook (4).png

You can now integrate Survicate with Smartlook, an analytics tool that lets you track and analyze user behavior on your website or web app. Go to the Integrations tab to connect with a single click.

What's in it for you

With the Survicate + Smartlook integration, you can link user feedback with user behavior. All to better understand your customers and improve their experience with your brand and product.

Here are some ideas on what you can do:

  • Understand the 'why' behind your users' behavior by asking them for feedback via website or in-product surveys
  • Find out what elements of your website or product need improvement
  • Learn if those who left negative feedback had issues while interacting with your website (and fix them)
  • Improve audience segmentation and targeting based on customer insights

How it works

Before you start, set up web tracking in Smartlook and launch a survey with Survicate. Then:

  1. Go to the Integration tab to connect Survicate with Smartlook
  2. You'll receive survey responses as custom session events in Smartlook
  3. Watch session recordings and link them with survey responses to better understand your users' behavior

Visit our Help Center and learn how to get the most out of the Smartlook integration.

Translations: create surveys in multiple languages


New Feature


Illustration_ Translations.png

You can now translate your survey into multiple languages at once. By localizing surveys, you can reach your customers in their preferred language.

What's changed

Previously, you needed to manually create multiple language versions of a survey to get feedback from respondents around the world. Now you can automatically translate your survey into any language. You can also analyze your survey results in one place to get a global overview or filter responses by language.

Here's how it works

  1. In the Create tab, click the 'Translations' icon on the left side of your screen.
  2. Then add the languages you want to translate your survey into and choose between manual or automatic translation (Google Translation).
  3. In the next step, you can edit the translation provided by Google Translate if you want to (or add your own translation manually).
  4. Configure, connect and launch the survey as usual. Your respondents will see the survey in their browser language.
  5. Once the responses come in, you can analyze all the results in one place. Filter them by language to get a better understanding of the different markets.

Visit our Help Center to learn how to take full advantage of multilingual surveys.

Filter survey responses by user data from HubSpot and Intercom






Illustration_ HubSpot Filter (3).png If you use our HubSpot or Intercom integration, you can now filter your survey data with information from these CRM tools to easily analyze cohort-specific feedback.

How to import parameters from HubSpot and Intercom

  1. Open HubSpot or Intercom settings page.
  2. Set the toggle switch to ‘Synchronize contact data from HubSpot/Intercom.’
  3. Then, in the Survey panel, navigate to the Analyze tab and click ‘Filter’ to see your custom attributes.

Why it matters

You already have a lot of information about your customers in your CRM tools. Now you can leverage it to better understand your users in Survicate. Filter respondents by attributes such as membership type to get deeper insights into your audience.

You can learn more about our HubSpot and Intercom integrations in our Help Center.

Export your survey result charts as PDF and PNG files


New Feature


Illustration_ Export Charts.png

What’s changed and why you should care

The screenshot era is officially over. You can now download single charts and graphs showcasing your survey results in the Analyze tab as PDF and PNG files. This option works for all question types and the word cloud too.

You can use these visually pleasing charts and graphs with survey results in your reports and presentation to immediately spruce them up.

Display the first survey question in HubSpot campaigns






Illustration_ HubSpot module.png

What’s new

You can now find ready-to-use Survicate surveys in your HubSpot Design Tools and drag and drop them into email templates. The first question of your survey will be integrated into your email campaign, landing page, or blog post to increase your response rates.

What this means for you

Embedding your survey's first question into your email campaign encourages respondents to click and share their feedback with you. Survicate modules are reusable, so you can add them to different email campaigns directly while creating emails.

Visit our Help Center to learn more.

New Question Editor: easily edit questions and recall information





Editing questions in Survicate is now more intuitive and quicker.

What’s changed

  1. Automatically recall information from previous questions to make your surveys more personal

    To get started, type @ in a question box to select a question, answer or user attribute you’d like to refer to. Head to our Help Center for more tips.

  2. You can now copy and paste many answer choices - all at once

    For example, you only need 2 clicks, instead of 588, to create a dropdown question with a list of all countries. ‘Add multiple at once’ is available for dropdown, single selection, multiple selections, matrix, and ranking question types.


  1. Make questions (or part of them) bold, italic, or hyperlinked in the text editor


  1. Easily reorganize questions and answers in Survey Creator

    We've improved how you can create and edit surveys in Survicate. Now you can drag and drop your questions and answer choices to quickly change their order.

Customize your link surveys with images from Unsplash


New Feature



You can now tailor the backgrounds of your link surveys with images from Unsplash, a community of creators.

What's changed

Before, you could only upload your own photos or choose from ready-to-use templates. Now, you can pick from over 2 million high-resolution pictures from Unsplash. And add them as your survey’s background in seconds. All thanks to smart recommendations you’ll see as you browse for photos.

How it works

Follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Under Create tab in the Survey Creator, click on the Design icon on the left
  2. Click on ‘Add image’ in the ‘Background image’ section, and then navigate to ‘Unsplash’
  3. Use the search bar to look for the right pictures in no time, choose the one you like the most, and enjoy the new custom look

Need a hand? Go to our Help Center to learn more on how to match surveys with your brand and product.

Introducing Productboard Integration 🔥


New Feature





You can now integrate Survicate with Productboard, a product management platform. Go to the Integration page to connect with a single click.

What’s there for you?

Here are some ideas of what you can do with Productboard Integration:

  • Streamline contextual customer insights about your product
  • Turn user feedback into actionable product ideas in Productboard
  • Feed your product roadmap and prioritize your features based on real customer data

How it works

See how simple it is to get started:

  1. Launch in-product surveys to collect user feedback in your web and mobile apps
  2. Through one-click integration, send survey responses as notes to Productboard Insights
  3. Organize and analyze your data in Productboard - to make customer-centric product decisions

Follow the guide to learn how to get the most out of the integration with Productboard and with your other product management tools - like Mixpanel or Amplitude.

See surveys’ sample results in Templates Library


New Feature



You can now have a sneak peek into Survicate’s reporting capabilities. All before you even get any responses.

With one click, explore sample results and get inspired to launch your next survey.

For now, this new tab is live only for the most popular surveys like NPS, Product Experience or Overall Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).