Survicate changelog
Survicate changelog

1-click access to respondent data from other tools, improved Android SDK and more


New Feature




Easily access your respondent data from other tools

When analyzing individual responses in Survicate, you can now navigate to your users' profiles in other tools. It means getting more information about your customers faster.

How it works

Go to the Analyze tab and click on a response from a single user. On your right, you'll see the 'User attributes' with more details about the selected respondent. Look below - there's a brand new section called 'External profiles'. There, you'll find links to your other tools.


Mandatory Multiple Choice Question

We released one of the most reported requests. It’s now impossible to skip the multiple-choice question. Before, respondents sometimes skipped it by clicking the 'Submit' button below it. Well, not anymore. We hope you’ll enjoy this change as much as we do.

Android SDK initialization time shortened

To all developers using our SDK for Android: it now takes less time for mobile surveys to go live in your app. This means your mobile users will have a better experience when interacting with your surveys.