Survicate changelog
Survicate changelog

Switch to Dark Mode to give your eyes a break


New Feature



Survicate is now available in Dark Mode, allowing you to switch to a darker interface that's easier on the eyes.

How it works

You can enable Dark Mode anytime by toggling it on in the Settings panel. If you're already using Dark or Auto Mode on your device, Survicate will automatically switch between light and dark modes based on your system settings.

What’s cool about it

Whether you're working late into the night or simply prefer a darker interface, Dark Mode makes creating surveys easier on the eyes, even in low-light conditions. Here are some of the main benefits of using Dark Mode:

  • Reduced eye strain: Dark Mode reduces the amount of blue light emitted by your screen, which can help reduce eye strain and fatigue.
  • Enhanced visibility: A dark interface enhances contrast, and colors appear more vibrant.
  • Improved aesthetics: The new sleek interface adds a touch of style to your user experience (if that’s your thing).

Enable the Dark Mode switch in the top-right menu to give your eyes a break and enjoy a more comfortable user experience.

Introducing: Question Library


New Feature



The new Question Library is here to make creating surveys quicker and more effective. Designed to automate yet another part of the research process, Question Library lets you choose from 800+ tried-and-tested survey questions instead of typing in your own.

What’s new

  • Question Library: Pick from a list of ready-to-use questions instead of coming up with your own questions when creating a survey

  • Over 800 popular questions added and grouped into 19 categories. So you can quickly search for questions most helpful in your research

How it works

You can access the Question Library when creating a new survey or editing an existing one. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Click “Add question from library”
  2. Find questions that work for your survey and click on the sign to select them
  3. Rearrange your questions with drag and drop and click “Add questions” when you’re ready

The selected questions will automatically populate your survey. You can then edit them as you usually do to customize the survey.

Why it's cool

With the new Question Library, you can minimize the time spent on coming up with survey questions and answer choices. Take advantage of the perfectly phrased questions designed by our customer feedback experts and be done in seconds.

  • Create surveys faster with a library of tried-and-tested survey questions

  • Reduce time spent on creating surveys with pre-populated answer choices

  • Quickly find and add questions relevant to your survey by using the search bar

  • Get inspired for your next research by browsing over 800 expert-made questions for all purposes

Learn more about Question Library in our Help Center or start a new survey now!

New condition-based Slack notifications


New Feature


condition based slack alerts.png Stay on top of your feedback with condition-based Slack alerts. You can now select custom criteria that will trigger Slack notifications. This way, you can respond swiftly to important feedback.

What's new and why it matters

In the Slack integration settings, you can now choose from a number of additional notification conditions, including Question and answer and Custom attributes. This allows you to fine-tune your notifications to respond to feedback in real-time and avoid scanning all responses for essential answers.

How it works

Follow these simple steps to use condition-based Slack notifications:

  1. Open the Connect tab in your survey creator and search for Slack under Connected integrations
  2. Navigate to the Slack integration Settings page
  3. Toggle on the "Set and enable custom conditions for Slack notifications" switch
  4. Select the conditions you want to trigger notifications. You can set multiple conditions and connect them with "and" or "or"
  5. Receive notifications when a survey response arrives that matches your custom conditions and respond to important feedback immediately

For more information, head to our Help Center and learn how to send custom Slack notifications.

New advanced logic rules for all question types





You can now use advanced survey logic settings for all question types of your email, link, website, or in-product surveys. Design custom question flows that direct your respondents to different follow-up questions to improve the survey experience.

What's new

You may already be familiar with our survey logic settings for single-answer, dropdown, and rating scale/smiley scale/NPS questions. Now, you can also set logic rules for all other question types (excluding welcome messages and thank you screens).

We've made substantial improvements to the survey logic settings and added many new options so you can create advanced and flexible question flows for your audience.

What it means for you

With advanced logic settings your surveys are now much more powerful. When you set up logic rules in your surveys, your respondents only see questions that are relevant to them and skip those that don't apply.

Personalized question flows greatly improve respondents' survey experience and can increase response rates.

How it works

To set logic rules in your email or shareable link surveys or website and in-product surveys, head to the Logic tab of the question and click on +Add new logic. Then, choose the required conditions and decide what question the respondent will see next if the conditions are met (or not).

For detailed instructions on setting up survey logic, visit our Help Center.

New and improved panel design




new design (1).png

We redesigned and updated Survicate's user interface. Collecting and analyzing continuous customer insights is now easier and more intuitive.

What's changed and why it matters

  • Modern look and intuitive design: Navigating the tool is now easier thanks to improved color contrasts, redesigned icon buttons, and updated tooltips. The redesigned panel with an intuitive user interface makes creating and analyzing surveys even more efficient.

  • Integrations accessible from the main menu: You can now access all integrations directly from the tool's main menu. This makes connecting your favorite tools with Survicate easier and quicker.

  • Improved user experience: The redesigned look and feel of the tool should make it more convenient and enjoyable for you to use Survicate.

Introducing smart suggestions for questions and answers


New Feature


Introducing smart suggestions for questions and answers.png You can now create surveys even faster with our brand-new smart suggestions. Choose from a list of 300+ ready-made questions after you type in the first word to simplify the process.

What it means for you

The smart suggestions automate yet another step in creating customer feedback surveys. You can quickly choose from a pool of available question and answer options. Take advantage of smart suggestions when using the Dropdown list question type to save time on typing all possible answers. Get inspired by over 300 questions in 4 languages, plus 35 answer choices templates.

New triggers for email notifications


New Feature


Set custom conditions to receive email notifications with crucial feedback.png You can now set custom criteria that will trigger email notifications. With condition-based alerts, you can keep your finger on the pulse. And respond quickly to feedback that matters to your business.

What’s changed

You can choose additional alert conditions in the settings of your Email Notifications. The new conditions include Question and answer and Custom attributes. So you can fully customize the notifications you receive. Keep your inbox tidy and only get notified about the most critical feedback.

How it works

  1. Open the Connect tab of your survey creator and find Email notifications under My integrations
  2. Go to Settings and navigate to Custom notification
  3. Toggle on the Send a custom notification switch
  4. Choose conditions that will trigger notifications. You can set multiple conditions and connect them with “and” “or”
  5. Receive alerts when a survey response matching your custom conditions comes in. And react to vital feedback promptly

Head to our Help Center to learn more about sending custom email notifications.

Scheduled survey status


New Feature


Scheduled - new status on the survey list.png We’ve introduced a new survey status - scheduled. It shows which surveys are planned to be published in the future. So you can easily manage and navigate through all your surveys.

What’s changed

Before the release, your scheduled surveys were displayed as disabled. With the new scheduled status, you can easily distinguish between old and planned research. When you hover over the scheduled status, you’ll also see the start date of the scheduled survey.

Why it matters

The scheduled status gives you and your team a better overview of your past, current, and future surveys. So you can improve collaboration and organize your work effortlessly.

Learn more about scheduling surveys in our Help Center.

Respondent attributes for better targeting and analysis




Respondent attributes for better targeting and analysis.png 20 more user attributes are now available for you to use in Survicate. Attributes like name, industry, or country provide more data about your respondents. Use them as filters to break down survey results or create more precise target audiences.

What's changed

Any respondent attribute passed to Survicate can now be used for various purposes. Do you have an integration with Hubspot or Intercom? Do you collect respondent attributes with a tracking code? Now you can use them all in our tool.

What it means for you:

  • More information about respondents: With more attributes shown in respondents' profiles, you can learn who answered your survey and follow up as needed

  • Better survey results breakdown: Use respondent attributes as filters in the Analyze tab to break down your survey results by job title, industry, etc.

  • More precise custom audiences: Add respondent attributes as filters when creating custom audiences for accurate targeting

  • Better survey personalization: Add a personal touch to your messages by recalling user attributes such as first name

Learn more about the individual responses tab, targeting surveys based on respondent attributes, and recalling respondent information in our Help Center.

New color themes for your website and in-product surveys




New color themes for your website and in-product surveys.png

You can now choose from 20+ new themes for your website and in-product surveys. From bold, bright, and lively color combinations to more neutral and toned-down designs, you’re sure to find one that speaks to you and your audience. Plus, you can always add your own touch by editing and customizing any theme as you please.

The new color variations perfectly complement the recently redesigned and improved web and in-product surveys. Go to the Survey Creator and dare to use a bold new look in your next research.

And if you want to create surveys that perfectly match your brand’s look - check this Help Center article on designing on-brand website surveys.